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    VGC Technology is a Microsoft Solutions Partner and reseller partner of Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Acer. Specialising in technology deployments and end-to-end business solutions. We provide on-premises services and maintenance so as to ensure our client's businesses remain uninterrupted. Over 14 years, we have been delivering enterprise class capabilities and expertise. We aim to deliver affordable world class technology and care to all our clients. All in all, We consider ourselves a catalyst in equipping our local SMEs & companies with up-to-date digital capabilities and cyber protection. This enhances them to grow and to gain global market opportunities. Thus, greatly increasing their efficiency and productivity. Let us be your pillar of support and join us on our journey to becoming one of Singapore's biggest IT solution provider!

    Our Clients


    Our clients are mostly local SMEs from various industries, not limit to, F&B, retails, construction, hotel, manufacturers, automobile and more.


    To date, VGC has around 1,000 SMEs and companies entrust our service and maintenance in:

    - Business productivity and contingency plan during the COVID19 pandemic

    - Network and system support & maintenance

    - B2B IT appliances reseller

    - Hybrid cloud & cloud managed service

    - Cyber security & disaster recovery service

    - Enterprise backup storage and relocation service 

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