Comprehensive Support Programme (CSP)

Our technical team is here to provide remote help desk and on-site assistance on your IT challenges daily. We make IT management easy to allow our clients to focus on their business development. When issues arise, we respond quickly to minimize disruption through hardware and software diagnostics support. A monthly ‘health-check’ audit report will also be issued for our client on the IT functioning and performance as a proactive response.

The benefits of choosing our CSP package are:

  • Cost effectiveness: it is like having an additional IT division in your company to manage you IT core infrastructure.
  • Worry-free: 9 x 5 help desk service to ensure constant availability to provide IT solution.
  • Proactive response: continuous optimization and troubleshooting of the infrastructure allow proactive response to crisis mitigation.

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Monthly Support Programme (MSP)

You can also opt for our MSP on-site and remote support designed for your needs of a complete outsourced or co-managed IT solution and service. Our proactive monitoring and maintenance service using our up-to-date appliances to ensure optimal performance and protection of your core infrastructure.

Our experienced technical team can complement your IT staff, so they can focus on your business strategic projects and productivity. By having a fixed monthly charge, our MSP helps to predict and minimise your IT expenditure cost.

Contact VGC at info@vgctechnology.com to learn more about our MSP offer.

Ad-hoc Support Programme (ASP) –  IT Consultancy & Troubleshooting Service

You can also opt for our Ad-hoc service support as and when you need an urgent incident response, disaster recovery, troubleshooting of infrastructure, backup IT solution and continuous optimization on your IT performance during normal working hours.

Contact VGC at info@vgctechnology.com to learn more about our ad-hoc service offer.

Hourly Support Programme (HSP) – Your One-Stop Solution to IT Service

Plan A: 30 hours Hourly Support Programme

VGC is launching a new service package for 30-hour HSP for our customer to assist them on their daily IT related challenges. This 1-year contract will offer you Worry-free service with cost effectiveness and protect your devices with minimize man-hour lost with our up-to-date troubleshooting software and technical support.

VGC is giving away 30 free Dell I7 laptop for the first 30 customers who sign up this package, while stock last!

Contact VGC at info@vgctechnology.com to learn more about our irresistible HSP now!

Plan B: 10 hours Hourly Support Programme

If you think that Plan A is not suitable for you, VGC also packages a 10-hour HSP for our small-scale SME. All service offers are similar to Plan A, with only a shorter duration.

Contact VGC at info@vgctechnology.com to learn more about our irresistible HSP now!

Personalized Support Project

With our years of hands-on field experience, our insight enables us to package customized IT solution that meet your needs and requirements for global growth and productivity. We help you to review your current infrastructure and potential challenges to cater for your current and future business objectives.

Our dedicated senior engineers can provide strategic guidance with a comprehensive IT roadmap based on your infrastructure assessment and personalized a support package to meet your current and future business objectives.

We provide:

  • Continuous business optimization
  • Disaster recovery and backup services
  • Evaluate client’s current infrastructure and challenges ahead
  • Migration assessment and mapping
  • Cloud security recommendation and service
  • Migration from on-premises to cloud service
  • Proactive management of cloud environment

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After-care Service

We understand the need to maintain compliance with your IT technology. VGC helps you to meet your challenge with solutions and ensure the security of your devices in the face of constantly changing cyber threats.

We provide renewal services for the hardware and software appliances, new IT update to your business needs and requirements.

Contact VGC at info@vgctechnology.com to learn more about our after-care service offer.

Network and System Upgrading

If your company is using on-premises server and looking for better protection without compromising your current infrastructure, VGC can assist you to migrate to Microsoft Azure cloud for better security protection. This cost-effective solution will assist you to accelerate the pace of adopting to future cloud service with seamless connection.

Contact VGC at info@vgctechnology.com to learn more about our upgrading service offer.

IT Technical Refresh Service

If you are currently thinking of upgrading your old devices and server protection to the new up-to-date version, VGC can assist you with the data migration, better performance OS system and data protection. This move will provide you with better virus and cyber security protection with a more cost-effective solution.

Contact VGC at info@vgctechnology.com to learn more about our Technical Refresh service offer.

Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Migration

Our approach to cloud solutions ensures that our clients’ interests are built around their current and future business objectives. Our cloud migration allows our clients to channel into cloud service and protection with ease.

Cloud is deemed as the next important transformation in IT technology which will propel global businesses into digitization. Cloud is flexible, scalable, and manageable with no worry of expensive IT expenditure. VGC will assist you to bridge the gap and make the most economical sense in the selection of cloud service and protection.

Contact VGC at info@vgctechnology.com to learn more about our Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Migration offer.

Microsoft Office M365

Microsoft Office M365 is a bundle of existing MS products under one license, geared towards businesses. It is a cloud-based suite of productivity apps like Outlook, MS office, Sharepoint, Team and more, plus other services including Windows 10. There are multiple plans to choose from depending on your business needs and requirements.

The benefits of using this cloud service are the safety, flexible, automatic upgrading, and ease of use. The centralized collaboration function allows you to schedule meetings that work for everyone, anywhere. You can access your files anywhere in a totally secure environment with robust security measures in place. The installed two-factor authentication ensures unauthorised people will not access your files even if they have your device. With files stored in the cloud and regularly backed up, your company can continue to operate normally in the case of a disaster at the office. No matter what happens to your devices, your data and files are safe in the cloud.

Constance upgrades are performed automatically at periodic intervals. You will have a peace of mind about being on the latest version and protection. The cost of your licence, like a subscription, depends on the functionality level you choose. Do speak to our technical team to decide what best-fit for your business requirements.

Contact VGC at info@vgctechnology.com to learn more about our cloud service offer.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Azure is a totally integrated, fast, flexible public cloud with affordable cost and capabilities being offered on the market. This cloud computing platform provides solutions including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). These services are not limit to, storage, networking, analytics, virtual computing, and apps. It is a cost-saving solution to replace or supplement your on-premises server.

Our technical team will help you to secure, manage and optimize your Azure cloud environment. We will ensure you are optimizing your Microsoft licensing with cost saving solution.

Contact VGC at info@vgctechnology.com to learn more about our Azure cloud service offer.

On-site Relocation, Deployment & Migration

We help you to perform end-to-end on-site relocation, deployment and migration of your IT infrastructure and backup when you are relocating to a new site. VGC will act as your project manager to ensure all network and system will be up and functioning in your new premise.

Contact VGC at info@vgctechnology.com to learn more about our relocation service offer.

Cyber Security Protection

We offer high-performance network security solutions using the latest software appliances for mobile and web security, device protection, intrusion prevention like anti-spam from continually evolving threats. We partner with IT leading firms use security software or appliances, not limit to, Sophos, Fortinet, Cisco and Cisco Meraki, Sonicwall, TrendMicro, Checkpoint, to provide unified management of mobile devices, PCs, servers, and the entire network from a centralized security consolidation, offering a simplified, end-to-end security infrastructure.

The security solutions we offer, and not limit to, are:

  • Firewall
  • Network and application protection
  • Email and end-to-end protection
  • Cloud security
  • Data loss prevention
  • Web isolation


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