Transforming Printing into a Digital Workplace

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Transforming Printing into a Digital Workplace

In 2017, with the support from e2i, Asiawide Print Holdings (Asiawide) made a leap and transform successfully into a digital workplace with the support from VGC Technology.

Asiawide was previously using an on-premises server. With the help from VGC technical team, the network was safely migrated and backed-up onto Microsoft Azure cloud, using Virtual Machines, Virtual Network and Virtual Backup solutions. This move has enabled Asiawide to collaborate more easily among their employees and work more effectively. The Microsoft cloud-based solutions also help to minimise service downtime and enhance the security of their data and empower the business with scalability by leveraging on the cloud-based service.

Vinc Tan, Director of VGC Technology (left) and Picasso Terrence Hong, Chief Executive Officer of Asiawide Print Holdings (right) discussing how Asiawide can transform their workplace through technology (courtesy from Singapore News Center, Feb 2018)

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Stephanie Fang, Chief People Officer, Asiawide Print Holdings communicating with her colleagues in the office from home (left), and on-the-go using the Outlook mobile app